My bad guys we've been overdue for a post, so here's a little house for your Saturday night. Afrojack busts out another hit...

Collide (Afrojack Festival Remix) - Leona Lewis

Collide (Afrojack Festival Remix) - Leona Lewis

There's some controversy around this the origins of this song, but I'll just ignore that and enjoy good music!

Collide (Afrojack Festival Remix)


Here is Million Dollar Motel off Nikki Jean's debut album Pennies in a Jar, which dropped yesterday. You can tell Nikki has potential because she managed to snag big-timer Lupe Fiasco. Lupe didn't go hard, but his flow matched the chill tone of the song.

Pennies in a Jar - Nikki Jean

Million Dollar Motel - Nikki Jean ft. Lupe Fiasco

Not bad for a debut!

Million Dollar Motel

Sandro Silvia produces yet another prime example of Dutch house. You can be sure this will be hitting a club near you soon; but before that, you can hear it here!

Love Right Now (Sandro Silva Remix) - Ricky Blaze

Love Right Now (Sandro Silva Remix) - Ricky Blaze

Remember to support the artists!

Love Right Now (Sandro Silva Remix)


Kinetic & One Love put out a stacked track featuring Hendersin, Mike Stud, and (one of my favs) Missy Modell. The lyrics of this song are something us college kids can relate to because our dreams are still fresh (because we haven't hit the real world yet!). The timing between verses is perfect, and as usual Missy adds fire to the track.

Kinetics & One Love - I Saw The Sign (Feat. Hendersin, Mike Stud & Missy Modell)

Kinetics & One Love - I Saw The Sign (Feat. Hendersin, Mike Stud & Missy Modell)

I Saw The Sign


We've received a couple more anonymous picture submissions. These two pictures perfectly reflect the creativity being drunk brings. Another reason to drink! Wearing beer boxes isn't the most artistic thing done with beer though.

Guy wearing beer boxes
This bro had one too many drinks. Nattys will do that.

Guy wearing beer boxes
This has to be the most epic beer-costume thing I've seen by far. Does it really make him cool? Not really, but it's chill.

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Drunk Creativity

Follow U is the Ministry of Sound's latest hit. We've posted some heavy dubstep in the past, but this one takes the cake, with a catchy chorus and rolling beats. Yogi, producer of this masterpiece, is one of the UK's top guys to go to for dubstep, having worked with Professor Green, RoxXxan, Wale, Bashy, Plan B and Lethal Bizzle.

Trolley Snatcha

Follow U (Trolley Snatcha Remix) - Yogi ft. Ayah Marar

Follow U (Trolley Snatcha Remix) will be available to buy September 11th, but this version for you dubsteppers who can't wait!

Follow U (Trolley Snatcha Remix)


Magic Trooper


We all hate album delays. Luckily, Lil Wayne comes through for us with a mixtape, Sorry 4 the Wait, to ease us over until Tha Carter IV hits (supposedly) August 29th. Sorry 4 The Wait drops July 13th; Tunechi's Back is its first track.

You'll probably recognize the beat from Tupac Back, but Lil Wayne acknowledges the legend and apologizes for delays by saying

Wish I could take a shot of Ciroc with ‘Pac
Sorry for the wait till my album drop

Tunechi's Back - Lil Wayne (Sorry 4 The Wait)

Tunechi's Back - Lil Wayne

Lil Tunechi's back! And so soon after Dear Anne (Part 2)...

Tunechi's Back

No, this isn't my favorite song. Favorite Song is a sunny summertime track by Colbie Caiillat that's perfect for sunny summertime days. Pop isn't a genre I usually post, but Common was featured, so I had to give it a try. Enjoy!

Favorite Song (Feat. Common) - Colbie Caillat

Favorite Song (Feat. Common) - Colbie Caillat

Off Colbie's upcoming album.

Favorite Song


Roll Call

Good dubstep is really beautiful. Dee Freer, provides the song and vocals for In Pieces. J Majik and Wickaman turn her vocals into a perfect song to buzz to. Enjoy!

In Pieces (Xilent Remix) - J Majik & Wickaman ft. Dee Freer

In Pieces (Xilent Remix) - J Majik & Wickaman ft. Dee Freer

Available to buy on 18th July, backed by the Ministry of Sound.

In Pieces (Xilent Remix)

Prepare yourself for one hell of a relaxing song. Listening to Piece of You by Michael Gray was like cruise through a land of babes and liq. This a house beat you can just relax to.

Piece Of You (Club Mix) - Michael Gray ft. Laura Kidd

Piece Of You (Club Mix) - Michael Gray ft. Laura Kidd

Piece of You (Club Mix)


Here's a new mashup for you! JRowe combines Sex Ray Vision's dance instrumental from My Beach House with Kelis' vocals from Calvin Harris' Bounce. Phew, that was a mouthful.

Bounce My Beach House (JRowe Mashup)

Bounce My Beach House (JRowe Mashup)

That's what she said.

Bounce My Beach House (Mashup)

Dan from Getting Nice is back with another insane college story. This story took place during a magical time for college students: Spring Break. With thousands of students going on a drunken sex binge, something is bound to happen, right?

College students during Spring Break

Spring break comes around once a year... The days consisted of drinking on the beach, drinking at the bar, trying to bang college chicks, and then going out all night and drinking some more. The first full night on the island was when I met Anne.

Everything seems cool. I'm just sipping on a Natty and thinking to myself, "Dan, you are the man!"

Anne and I started to talk. I don’t really remember how the conversation went; captain and coke can do that sometimes....Here I am 21 years old hanging out with a chick that probably could have been my grandmother. In my defense she did not look 80 years old, she told me she was 35 but it was more like 60. She was a hot 60 year old, by the way.

MILF alert! (Or GILF?) Things are taking a turn for the worst... Suddenly I feel like Girls Gone Wild isn't in Dan's future.

Luckily for me, what happened in the Bahamas stayed in the Bahamas and I didn’t bring back any crabs or herpes.

Yeah, I skipped a whole lot in between excerpts just now, but that's because I didn't want to spoil the surprise! The missing story consists of Bahamian security guards, alochol, and (poor Dan) Anne.

Read the complete story over at Getting Nice.

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Flashback: Spring Break

Following the No.1 success of his monster hit Changed The Way You Kiss Me, Example returned with the second single Stay Awake from his upcoming album Playing In The Shadows. Here is Alvin Risk's remix of the track.

Stay Awake (Alvin Risk Remix) - Example

Stay Awake (Alvin Risk Remix) - Example

Stay Awake (Alvin Risk Remix)


I hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July!

Now let's get to business.

Morgan Page is seriously underrated. In the Air is the first release off Page's upcoming studio album, which drops sometimes this year. Page claims that In the Air is about "capturing the excitement of being in the moment"; I think it's about being high. But whatever. The first minute of the song is a typical progressive house beat, but the rest of the song is what hooked me. Enjoy!

In The Air - Morgan Page, Sultan, Ned Shepard & BT feat. Angela McCluskey

In The Air - Morgan Page feat. Angela McCluskey

In The Air


Happy 4th of July!


in May we posted Champagne Showers by LMFAO. Now, we're bringing it back, but with a little twist. R3hab puts his hands on the track and turns it from a club banger into, well, an even bigger banger!

Champagne Showers (R3hab Remix) - LMFAO feat. Natalia Kills

Champagne Showers (R3hab Remix) - LMFAO feat. Natalia Kills


Champagne Showers (R3hab Remix)

Here's an insane track from Romanian artist Narcotic Sound and Christian D. As soon as you hit the play button below, you'll see why Poesia de Amor has become one of my favorite hits of the summer. A catchy chorus will grab you from the beginning and carry you throughout the song as you try not to dance. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Poesia de Amor - Narcotic Sound and Christian D

Released under Cat Music.

Poesia de Amor

Most colleges don't allow pets in on-campus dorms. Ever wondered why?

Cat and Beer Bong
College Isn't for Pets

I love Saturday nights.

College Isn't for Pets


Changed the Way You Kiss Me


To celebrate reaching 30k followers on his Twitter, Hardwell released a bootleg package. Hell yeah! Here are my favs from the pack (actually I loved every song but whatever). Thanks for continuing to be one of my favorite artists Hardwell!

Hardwell Bootleg Pack

Prutataa At Night (Hardwell Mashup) - Afrojack & R3hab vs Shakedown

Hello Replica (Hardwell Mashup) - Martin Solveig vs Afrojack

Want to hear all the songs? Download Hardwell's entire bootleg package here.

Hardwell's Bootleg Twit 2011

Hardwell Bootleg Pack

I don't know if Lady Gaga is a man, woman, or whatever, but I do know that Lady Gaga's music is great for remixing. I'm going to throw out a disclaimer right now: if you don't like his/her/its original music, you may not like Sultan & Ned Shepard's remix. The Edge Of Glory (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix) has a strong techno feel that'll blow your mind once you hit the drops. Other than that, the remix seems generic.

The Edge Of Glory (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix) - Lady Gaga

The Edge Of Glory (Sultan Remix)

King of the Jungle

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