Stripes, Beef, and Broccoli

G.U.N.S. (Goons United by the New School) just dropped their track Stripes (Obama Got Osama) to pay respect to Obama and Osama's death. It's definitely not the best track ever - the refrain gets on my nerves - but it's ok. Hell, I'll even add it to our Osama's Dead Party Playlist.

Stripes (Obama Got Osama) - Goons United by the New School

Speaking of rap, Dante CK's mixtape Beef & Broccoli dropped yesterday.

Beef & Broccoli Mixtape

Dante CK has a really chill, old school flow that I like. In his mixtape you'll find rap combined with beats not found in mainstream rap: artists like him are a breath of fresh air in the music industry.

Here are two of my favorite tracks from Beef & Broccoli. See what I mean about original beats? You can grab the full album from DatPiff for free.

The Clothes You Wear - Dante CK

The Starbeat Academy (Feat Beau Young) - Dante CK

Like Dante says himself:

"The only thing stopping me from fame is the monopoly."

You have original beats, keep on avoiding the monopoly and you'll go places.


Anonymous said...

check him out on reverb too

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