Booty Mix and More

Mondays suck. So here are some bangers to make it all better!

Pain vs Marcel Booty MixDJs from MarsUnderstand (Sven Kirchhof Remix)

Here's a remix of a classic for you guys. What do you think?

My House (Pain vs Marcel Booty Mix) - Stefano Pain vs Marcel

I know we've posted a lot of Adele remixes... so here's an Adele mashup. What can I say, She has an amazing voice that works so well in house beats.

Show Me In The Deep (DJs From Mars Club Mashup) - Adele vs. Robin S

Last is a huge electro house remix that's absolutely sick. Sven Kirchof took a bangin' track, added huge drops and bass, and created a monster. Definitely something I would play.

Understand (Sven Kirchhof Remix) - CZR, Paul Anthony & ZXX


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