Ooah, one of the members of The Glitch Mob, remixes Emancipator's First Snow. It's a pretty chill track that incorporates booming bass and electro beats. If you plan on driving away from the popo in slow motion, then this is the song for you.

First Snow (Ooah Remix) - Emancipator

First Snow (Ooah Remix)

Jessie J

This song is not really new, but this drum n' bass / electro track should be an addition to your music library. Nobody's Perfect (Netsky Remix) is not as intense as typical electro or dubstep songs, but adds variety to any playlist.

Nobody's Perfect (Netsky Remix) - Jessie J

Nobody's Perfect (Netsky Remix)


Mondays suck. So here are some bangers to make it all better!

Pain vs Marcel Booty MixDJs from MarsUnderstand (Sven Kirchhof Remix)

Here's a remix of a classic for you guys. What do you think?

My House (Pain vs Marcel Booty Mix) - Stefano Pain vs Marcel

I know we've posted
a lot of Adele remixes... so here's an Adele mashup. What can I say, She has an amazing voice that works so well in house beats.

Show Me In The Deep (DJs From Mars Club Mashup) - Adele vs. Robin S

Last is a huge electro house remix that's absolutely sick. Sven Kirchof took a bangin' track, added huge drops and bass, and created a monster. Definitely something I would play.

Understand (Sven Kirchhof Remix) - CZR, Paul Anthony & ZXX

Booty Mix and More

I don't post a whole lot of R&B, but this is one really chill track I feel you should listen to. Rolling Stone has a nostalgic presence that, I'm not going to lie, makes me be a bit sad. Check it out below.

The Weekend - Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone - The Weekend

Rolling Stone

New track from J. Cole: How High.

J Cole

This track appears on the mixtape We Got a Buzz Now. Will How High be on J. Cole's upcoming album as well? It's definitely dope enough.

How High - J. Cole

Track cuts a bit short :/

How High


This was played by Deadmau5 in Auckland, New Zealand about a month ago. It's a lucid electro remix by an upcoming DJ duo Designer Drugs. What do you think?

We Run the Night

We Run the Night (Designer Drugs Remix) - Tonight Only

Personally, I think it's better than the original

We Run the Night

Here's the second single off LMFAO's upcoming album Sorry for Party Rocking.

Sorry for Party Rocking

Champagne Showers (Feat. Natalia Kills) - LMFAO

Champagne Showers


12 Planet

Skrillex and 12th Planet team up for this track. Needed Change is dominated by Skrillex's sounds, but who's complaining? Overall, the song is really filthy. Is collaboration the "needed change" dubstep needs?

Needed Changes - Skrillex & 12th Planet

Needed Change


This track is epic. Ohh Snap!! mixes David Guetta’s When Love Takes Over with High Rankin’s Machete (Remix), using a powerful switches to emphasize the track's feeling. This grimey mashup is the final release before Oh Snap!! Presents: Big Room Dubstep.

When Machete Takes Over (Ohh Snapp!! Mashup)

When Machete Takes Over


Nardwuar hits up Curren$y. Again.

Funny shit.

Nardwuar vs. Curren$y Pt. 2


Anonymous people have been sending in pics like crazy; it's too bad they didn't say what college they were from. Anyway, here is what I imagine heaven will be like.

Jello Shots

Bro that's a lot of Jello shots. Hopefully heaven will have shots galore. Imagine Jesus shaking his dreads on a table while downing Jello shots: heaven could be
one giant party.

Hot Girl Holding Alcohol

Half-naked angels handing out free liq? YES! I'm pretty sure this was in the contract somewhere. Trade out the rum for Grey Goose and we're set.

That's it. I'm a simple guy.

If you would like to submit pics/vids of your college life, use the link above.

What Heaven Looks Like


Avicii puts out a decent vocal remix. I'm not really feeling it though.

Tonight (Avicii Remix) - Tim Berg

Tonight (Avicii Remix)


Yet another remix of one of KiD CuDi's tracks, this time by Dr. Gonzo. Personally, I thought the beat was droning, stereotypical, and dominated KiD CuDi's lyrics... but if that what you like, here you go.

KiD CuDi rapping

Up Up & Away (Dr. Gonzo Remix) - Kid Cudi

Up, Up, and Away

Double G News Network

DallaskA couple days ago I posted DJ Epic's sick mashup Guilty E.T.. Coincidentally, this morning I ran into DallasK's remix of Guilty. After hearing the vocals used in the mashup, I was interested in how the remix would sound. So, I listened and...

Amazing. The beat was bangin' and the vocals, like usual, bought me.

Guilt (DallasK Remix) - Nero



As soon as I heard this, I fell in love. Seriously. The vocals combined with the upbeat sound and the dirty bass just clicked with me from the start. I definitely recommend listening to this.

I Like That

I Like That (Adam F Dubstep Remix) - Richard Vission & Static Revenger feat. Luciana

I Like That

Here's Nero's newest track, featuring help from Sub Focus. Once again, stunning female vocals are the centerpiece of this track. Definitely up to par with Nero's previous work.

Sub Focus

Promises - Nero (ft. Sub Focus)



We have a rowdy new artist for you.


LFOMG found us. I'm glad he did! Not only does he create mashups, but he's in the process of making dubstep remixes. Before I continue though, I want to clear up the origins of the name LFOMG (which I thought was LMFAO at first, haha).

As LFOMG says:

LFO = low frequency oscillator (basically what makes the wobbles that are so famous in dubstep music); OMG = oh my god. The two acronyms share the OH. It's like "EL EFF OH MY GOD!!!"
Cheesy? Yes.
Do I love it? Yes. :)

Definitely not cheesy bro! Anyway, this is the mashup that caught my eye. Ear. Same thing.
LFOMG uses gradual transitions to slip one song into the other. It doesn't hurt either that he uses Skrillex's hot tracks.

Cinema/In For The Kill/Hey Sexy Lady (LFOMG Mash-Up) - Skrillex

LFOMG proves even more versatile by dropping a few original mixes as well. Here's a basskiller. Brutal wubs and wobbles for everyone!

Terminated (Mastered by Kryptyk) - LFOMG

LFOMG has what it takes to be big. I'm seriously loving the mashups: keep on doing what you do.

Find more on LFOMG's Facebook.

Happy birthday LFOMG!

Featured Artist: LFOMG

I have a couple sick tracks for you.

First, your Monday morning mashup is one of Kap Slap's newest mashups featuring SHM, Miike, and Britney.

Kap Slap

Till Silvia Saves The World - Kap Slap

The Saturdays

Second is some nice EDM: Chuckie remixes Notorious. While it leans toward the pop side of EDM, I think most EDM lovers will like this one.

Notorious (Chuckie Remix) - The Saturdays

Monday Morning Music



Never Grow Up

So the world didn't end. There go my plans for the weekend.

I think I'll spend today chilling and listening to Bob Marley. Anyone want to spark up?

The following song is pretty old, but still satisfying: it's off Robotic Pirate Monkey's Jungle Tales Remix Collective: Vol 1 (Mixtape) that came out.... a while ago. January, I think?

Mr. Brown (Robotic Pirate Monkey Remix) - Bob Marley

So The World Didn't End


You Can Wear My Hat


I'm not sure how I feel about this one. Personally, I'm a fan of
Skrillex, but this track has a lot going on. First off, the singer has a weird-ass voice. Second, I've never heard this song before the remix. Third, Skrillex seems to be taking on a new genre. Well... judge for yourself.

What Is Light, Where Is Laughter? (Skrillex Remix) - Twin Atlantic

Skrillex: New Genre?


I have a couple interesting tracks for you. My personal favorite is the last one.

Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats

The first was dropped by
Drizzy on his blog. Supposedly it'll be the intro on his album Take Care. Either way, I like the weird chorus thing on it. Trippy.

Dreams Money Can Buy - Drake

Second is a leak from Na Palm. Soundpusher mixes the upbeat club genre with a dubstep feel on the definitive college party track. It's a decent remix, but I still favor the original.

Two Days Straight (Soundpusher Remix) - Na Palm

Last is my favorite of the this post. DJ Epic's debut mashup album is coming later this year: here is a SICK track off it. Without a doubt, this is one debut album I'm looking forward to. Guilty E.T. is a seamless mashup that exceeds my expectations.

Guilty E.T. (Mashup) - DJ Epic

A Couple Tracks

For your weekend beats, DudeItsCollege brings you Giovanni Pina, aka:

"Coming out of Miami, FL is an up-and-coming House music DJ causing some noise in the local scene: DJ Fase 1.

At only 19, he is one of the younger local DJ's, but doesn't fall short when it comes to musical taste or talent.

Playing at all types of events alongside various world famous artists such as DJ Isaac, Liquid Stranger, Steve Duda, DJ Ralph, The Bass Invaders, The Disco Fries, Evol Intent, Q-Bik, Tom Colontonio, EDX, and AK1200, Dj Fase 1 has shown that he can crowd a room.

Live shows are filled with funky grooves, amazing bass lines, and stunning vocals that will leave you asking for more. Between all the feel good music and the energy coming from the crowd, this is one DJ sure to bring you to your knees.

Watch out for this South Florida local as he leaves his mark on House Music scene."

DJ Fase 1 Logo

When he first shared his mix Find Me In Miami: More Party, Less Bull$h!t (Fase1 Edit) with me on SoundCloud (see link below), I played it as I was chilling with some people. When the mix ended 40 minutes later, we played the next one... and the next one. After around 2 hours of listening to house music that had everything great house music needs, I knew I had to post this guy.

Luckily, DJ Fase 1 felt the same way. He sent us his music page (link also below) where I found even more of his mixes! So, I embedded the player below and started working my way through it. The first mix, Do You Want More, had me hooked after 1 minute. The rest were the same.

The thing about DJ Phase 1 is that his mixes are masterfully crafted with smooth transitions while maintaining innovation necessary to a house mix. He's uses a wide range of vocals, from Lady Gaga to artists even I haven't heard before. And it sounds just amazing for someone so young.

See for yourself:

Want more of DJ Phase 1?

Most of his mixes are published on his music page, though you can find some on his SoundCloud.

Also, check out his fan page on Facebook!

Contact info available upon request.

Featured Artist: DJ Fase 1


Sorry for the crappy posts today; but graduation (for high school) is right around this time. Yes, we're preparing the future freshman class!

Graduation Slut
Can you spot the future slut?

We just want to give a few tips to the incoming freshman:

JailbaitLadies, if you were like this in high school, maybe you schould consider checking out a sorority. If you don't know what a sorority is, I'll be happy to explain! Basically, a sorority is a group of girls who spend college contemplating this question:

Who am I, and why am I so drunk?

It's fun to be Greek.

College Essentialts

Guys, I'm not going to point you in any real direction. Greek life, GDI... "life" (if that's what they want to call it) are both pretty interesting as long as you are prepared.

Last year's "essentials" are shown to the left. They're pretty much the same this year. Use your imagination. And an apartment beats dorm life hands down.

A couple things to add: burn your cargo shorts and buy new shoes.

That's about it. I'll probably post more useful information as the fall semester comes around. If you have anything to add, feel free to comment below.

In the mean time, get ready: tomorrow we have a big post planned!

Ready for College?

Wiz Khalifa FauxhawkWiz goes hard on another track like usual. This time, it's on Y.C.'s Racks. His take, naps on naps on naps is WAY better than my idea:

Cats on cats on cats.

I thought it was catchy, but whatever.

Racks (Remix) - Y.C. (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

Racks (Remix)


This track isn't that new; it's more of a prep for this weekend.
Turn up your speakers!

Mush Mush - Bassjackers

Mush Mush


After bringing you TheCasaBrothers, DudeItsCollege presents Toby. We chose this artist because of his original lyrics and background beats. In an industry overrun by similar-sounding synthetic beats, ToBy is an anomaly.

"Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Reggie was a fun-loving individual until one day he decided to make a diss-rap song directed at another high-school rapper. Due to unprecedented social networking commotion and words of encouragement from close friends, Reggie decided to continue his career as a rapper and explore the avenues of his newfound talent.

Now 17, he has already performed at popular venues such as Transit Lounge, has a mix-tape set to release in the near future, is already in talks of producing several music videos, and has garnered attention from different rappers from many different schools. This up-and-coming musician surely isn't one to sleep on and it's positive that he has big things planned in the future."

This wouldn't the first time Nujabes' beats have been used in a rap. In this track, ToBy takes Aruarian Dance and complements it with his smooth flow.

Step to This - ToBy

I'm surprised ToBy could go over this beat. Very nice.

Caps Lock - ToBy

Like his flow? Check out ToBy online.

Toby Live at Transit Lounge

Featured Artist: ToBy

Here's some electro for you guys.

Na Palm's track Going Going Gone has surfaced for quite a while now, but after seeing how Two Days Straight spread like wildfire across college campuses, I knew I had to post this one. This is one those tracks that I really feel like I can relate to.

Going Going Gone - Na Palm

Electronic Chronic


MetricDubstep is known for its filthy bass. However, if you can combine the harsh wobbles with an angelic voice... then you have something amazing. This track has the beautiful female vocals that reminds me of the previously posted Adele remixes.

Gimme Sympathy (Sikdope Remix) – Metric


DudeItsCollege is proud to present TheCasaBrothers for your electrohouse entertainment.


TheCasaBrothers are a DJ duo comprised of Ruben Cardenas and Efrain Vega that started in Miami, FL. Ruben and Efrain have been neighbors for years and both share a passion for electronic music. The two decided to start a DJ partnership and began spinning at local parties and producing House and Dubstep. Currently residing in Miami, the duo is taking the electronic scene by storm.

When this duo came to us, I was skeptical at first. However, after hearing their music, I was immediately hooked. Here is some of their work. If you haven't already, check out TheCasaBrothers's SoundCloud: their Summer Promo Vol. 1 dropped only a couple hours ago. It's rowdy.

The first track takes after its namesake. No doubt about that. T-Rex begins calm and then... well, I'll let you find out.

T-Rex - TheCasaBrothers

The second track is a very energetic mix. It starts off intense and continues to build as the mix progresses. Personally, the robotic voices around 4:00 made my day. Definitely something you could party to.

W0W!# Mix - TheCasaBrothers

Featured Artist: TheCasaBrothers

I received an email at 4am from an anonymous person from UF that said:
Me and some bros had some time to kill. 200 Nattys later we had a beer cube.
21st Century Art at its finest.

Dude, it's college.

Beer Cube

I'm not going to lie that pretty impressive. Of course, then I figured there had to be someone out there who built an even bigger, better beer castle.

I was kinda right; here are a couple:

Beer Tower

Beer Castle

Hey guys it's Tuesday. Let me be the responsible one and tell you to call in sick tomorrow for work (or skip classes) so you can build a beer castle tonight!

Have an impressive beer castle? Want to show the world? Submit it using the "Submit" link above.

The Ultimate Beer Castles


I need some bass. Quickly.

So here you go, some raw:

Dub Motherfucking Step

Gimme the Loot (Superginger Remix) - Notorious B.I.G
(Biggie's lyrics and the throbbing bass... Damn)

First of the Year - Skrillex (Skrillex's bass melts any face)

I'm not going to lie, neither of these two tracks is perfect, but they're the tracks I'm feeling. Skrillex's song takes a bit too long before it hits the bass and Superginger's has that annoying (to me) beat in the background. But the bass saves them.

Turn up the speakers.

Badass Bass

A couple days ago I came across a remix of
Rolling in the Deep by Adele. She's one of those female vocalists like Missy Modell who has an angelic voice.

The following songs are not your average house or electro mixes, they focus more on matching the soothing sound of Adele's voice. I tried to organize the songs by age starting with the most recent.

Never Chasing Pavement (Urban Noize Remix) - Jay-Z (Ft. Kanye West & Adele)

Turning Tables (Mintie Remix) - Adele

Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix) - Adele

More Adele

News update everyone!

God Wants You to Drink Beer

My life suddenly has more purpose.

Drink More Beer


I don't listen to R&B a whole lot, but once again the name
Lil Wayne caught my eye. He has only one verse in this song though: Kelly Rowland and Jeremih really take it away. In fact, of all the vocals, Kelly Rowland's sticks with me the most. I almost thought the song featured Jeremih instead of her at first!

Motivation (Feat. Kelly Rowland & Lil Wayne) - Jeremih



Lady Gaga Judas

Most of Lady Gaga's tracks are
heavily remixed. In my opinion, that makes them easier to listen to. For example, the first time I listened to Judas, I threw up all over my computer. I honestly thought Judas was some half-assed version of Bad Romance. So when remixes starting popping up, I was immediately hooked.

Here are a couple of the hottest remixes I've come across.

Take your pick:

Judas (R3HAB Remix) - Lady Gaga

Judas (John Dahlback Remix) - Lady Gaga

Judas (Chris Lake Remix) - Lady Gaga

Judas (Sex Ray Vision Remix) - Lady GaGa

Judas - Hot Remixes

Have you ever wondered what dubstep would look like if you could see it? SaladUK edited this clip perfectly; you will see what I mean around 0:55.


Dubstep Flag

Visual Dubstep


Before I leave you all for some nighttime "adventures", here are some electro tracks I'm feeling.
I Love Electro

First up is The SoniXx, remixing all the way from Montreal. I've heard a couple remixes to this song already, but this one has a nice electro/dubstep feel.

Rolling In the Deep (The SoniXx Dubstep Remix) - Adele

Second is a Disco Fries remix. Club banger, without a doubt.

If I Was You (The Disco Fries Remix) – Far East Movement ft. Snoop Dogg

Here's to a weekend full of fade!

Late Night Electro

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